Warehousing and Kitting

Manage inventory and gain efficiencies.

We continuously integrate an effective cost-structure and best-fit mix of services for you.

Smart Inventory Management

By bundling Q-Connect SaaS portal control to warehousing, kitting, and logistics, you get maximum flexibility and smart inventory management, dramatically reducing deployment delays and device stockpiling. This optimized fleet utilization achieves cost savings and improves your capabilities to meet and manage fluctuating demand.

Maximize Equipment Fleet Efficiencies

We provide distributed warehousing and end-to-end inventory management. Our combination of service, warehousing, and logistics streamlines inventory management and fleet utilization.

  • Excess devices (new and refurbished) are placed into inventory in our national warehouses
  • Q-Connect provides visibility to all company inventory in our warehouses
  • Deployment requests are initiated via Q-Connect whenever a branch needs equipment
  • Shipping details are viewable on Q-Connect as deployment requests are filled
  • Q-Connect gives you complete control over your inventory – nationwide

Replacement RMAs deploy a ready-to-use device from our TEC warehouse when a branch asks for an RMA for a broken device. The broken device is then serviced and placed back into inventory, awaiting the next deployment request. This speedy process greatly reduces down time and improves staff efficiency.

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